Willian Eppes

William Eppes
24" x 36", Oil on linen

William is a very imperious fellow - hence the pose. He is a descendent of Thomas Jefferson and the tapestry in the background is from that era.

The little pug, Warlock, at his feet was a gift from the Dutchess of Windsor. The dog was long gone at the time I painted this portrait but I was able to recreate him from old photos. William really loved that dog and wanted to include him in his portrait.

The client was a patron of the theatre and I included some drapery from a play that was running at the time. 

That cane in the painting....wow.....when the ball on top was unscrewed, I discovered that it was filled with gin.

People that know and love William say that this portrait captures his personality and likeness EXACTLY. And it was lots of fun to paint.

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Sophie said...

I bet it was fun to paint - it looks it. Great work all over this Blog - my compliments!