Studio Tour (9)

This is my computer. Because I now use a digital camera for my reference photos it is easier (and so much cheaper) to see the results instantly on my monitor. This allows me to tweak the lighting and the pose to get it right.

With Photoshop I can try out different colors and backgrounds and generally manipulate my pictures. This saves a LOT of extra easel time when I am painting.

I am a little nerdy for an artist as I adore electronic gadgets.

I am primarily a portrait painter and when people do an internet search for a painter who works in this particular classical manner, they will probably find me.

This is my Portrait Website and I get a lot of work through it.


The other way I get portrait commissions (besides direct word of mouth) is through a gallery or rep who recommends me.

I paint Landscapes and Still Life in between portrait commissions and really enjoy the change of pace.

To see my Landscape Gallery, go to:

To see my Still Lifes, I have posted them on this website.

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