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I have more books than shelves to keep them on, darn it. In order to learn to paint I copied the paintings and drawings of the Old Masters - they were - and are my best teachers.

Reference books are important to my work. I've been to a lot of Museums, but this is a way to study the works of the Old Masters in the comfort of my Studio.

Each brush I use has a different purpose. Those worn out brushes are good for blending.

I like to paint with traditional oil paint....and as you can see I have a lot of tubes of it.

The bottle at the back is Liquin. It is the medium I like best. A medium is something that you mix with paint to help it dry quickly. It is also good to mix with paint as a glaze. The can is a "Cold Wax Medium" and a little tiny bit mixed into the paint makes it thicker (called impasto).

I use colored pencils to work out quick color themes and make drawings in preparation for a painting.

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I followed your link from SOG and just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you taking time to show your studio and explain your process. Just seeing how you work and in your environnment is so inspirational. And also knowing you too "break some rules". I really miss seeing your post on SOG and will come to your site often.

Carolyn J. said...

Thank you from me too for showing us your studio. I found you on WetCanvas, and I really like your work. :)

Anonymous said...

It was a pleasure to see your studio. I was able to learn a few things in this tour and appreciate your generosity to share this with us. I am mainly a self taught Sunday painter and have learn many things from lots of books and the Internet.

Thanks again,