Studio Tour (5)

I have a LOT of brushes.

This is because they are so easily worn out. In a large portrait, for example, I'll wear out at least 10 or more small brushes.

In this picture you can see some different kinds of brushes and various other tools of my trade:
White Bristle
Cheap hardware store and expensive art store brushes all mixed together.
Palette Knives

Rolls of tape, clamps, string, bowls....just some of the "studio stuff" that I cannot live without but likes to collect in corners.

More dratted bulky things to store. This is assorted camera equipment, tripods and light stands.

Here is a shopping bag of cardboard corners - I use these handy little items to protect the corners of fragile framed paintings when I store, transport of ship them. 

My embarrassing little secret is that sometimes (not as much now as I used to) I really mess up a painting bigtime. And there are paintings that I simply cannot save. 

I cut out the canvas centers of these sub-standard works with a vengeance and toss them into the fireplace. 

I recycle the stretcher bars.

I believe that an artist will eventually be judged by the least of their work and not just by the best. I like to be proud of what I paint and if I cannot "fix" a painting, I will destroy it. Nearly any artist can produce something good once in a while but I believe that the mark of a professional is consistency.

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Enzie Shahmiri said...

Karin, am having so much fun touring your studio. This idea of saving the stretcher bars is a great one!