My eBook Update

In case you're wondering where I went - the answer is "nowhere." I am busy writing a book on "The Nuts and Bolts of Classical Oil Painting."**

My focus: Painting is a Craft that you need to master - before you get to the "art" part.

My aim is to write a basic textbook for someone who doesn't know a darn thing . . . except that they wish to paint in a classical realistic manner.

So many of us are visual - and need to be shown, rather than told, "how to make it look real." (There are rules for this, you know).

The format of this blog maddingly does not allow me to go into the detail I wish. So I am writing/illustrating an ebook to teach classical realistic painting.

So far it's a technical nightmare - but I'll eventually figure it out.

Stay tuned.

** This is only a working title, suggestions welcome.