My eBook Update

In case you're wondering where I went - the answer is "nowhere." I am busy writing a book on "The Nuts and Bolts of Classical Oil Painting."**

My focus: Painting is a Craft that you need to master - before you get to the "art" part.

My aim is to write a basic textbook for someone who doesn't know a darn thing . . . except that they wish to paint in a classical realistic manner.

So many of us are visual - and need to be shown, rather than told, "how to make it look real." (There are rules for this, you know).

The format of this blog maddingly does not allow me to go into the detail I wish. So I am writing/illustrating an ebook to teach classical realistic painting.

So far it's a technical nightmare - but I'll eventually figure it out.

Stay tuned.

** This is only a working title, suggestions welcome.


Jim Serrett said...

I am so glad to hear that you are working on a book. Your site is a wealth of information, and I look forward owning a copy.

Title: The Mechanics of Classical Oil Painting
Sub titled: Technical Principles, Methods and Materials for the Artist

May be a little wordy, but you could have chapters titled "nuts and bolts" just some food for thought.

Again thanks for sharing so much of your work and knowledge

Teresa Brown Rudd said...

I love your style of painting. Your work is so amazing, stunning, and you capture that feeling of life in your paintings.
I was hoping to go to your blog and find a book to purchase.
I grew up in a small town in Oregon and had no formal art training. But my parents supplied me with paints, canvas, and brushes. I didn't learn a whole lot about oils, but I continued to draw and try out different mediums. Then I became a mom, got busy, but did have time to get a tole painting book published, and a children's book published. I still felt my work seemed empty; I wanted to bring my artwork to life. I would love to learn how to paint children in the classic style. I will keep watching to see when your book is ready; I am so excited, thank you.

My Painting Studio said...

JIM: Thanks for the suggestion. What I am working on is not a razzle dazzle book to impress anybody how well I can paint.

Instead it is intended to use simple examples that show ALL of the lessons necessary to make a decent Classical Oil Painting.

Hopefully it will be like a manual to help people master this craft.

In my opinion, painting is first a craft - then when it is mastered - it can be bumped up a notch into real "art."

My Painting Studio said...

TERESA: Thanks for your kind words.

Sometimes it is useful to NOT have had any formal training in painting - most especially when the teacher relies solely on talent and really does not know the techniques and guidelines.

It is tough to reinvent what the Old Master's did - if you "can't see what you're looking at." (Which is most of us).

Before I decided that a book would be a better format to teach - I did try to do it on this blog. Look around....there is still a lot here of value for a serious student.

Anyhow I am trying to spell it all out and plow through the technical difficulties that seem to crop up every day.

Me said...

Absolutely love your work and blog! Accidently stumbled onto your page and so glad I did. Would love to buy your book! Ciska (South Africa)