Obvious Advice (for the Oblivious)

I keep this painting around the studio to remind myself that some lessons are really painful.

This is a detail of an oil sketch I did many years ago. In those days I was a bit too "casual" with my work and set this painting on the floor next to my easel to dry.

One day I discovered that I had managed to splatter paint all over it - which was dry and could not be removed.

Still . . . I left this work on the floor until a week later - my full-time-dog and part-time-art-critic evidently mistook this piece for a fire hydrant.

Sarge (named after John Singet Sargent) never did that again - thank heavens.

So the point of this story is: Treat your work with the respect it deserves and don't leave it laying around where it can get damaged.


Julie said...

What a beautiful little painting!
I know what you mean, It has happened to me, I have to keep my paintings away from my Husband, as he is really clumsy :~}
x Julie x

Shelley Whiting said...

This is a very sincere and beautiful portrait. I especially love how soft and delicate it is. A wonderful work of art.