Studio Tour (6)

I keep some things around my studio for no good reason other than the fact that I like them.

My favorite Studio Bunny Muse...a gift long ago from my artistic mother. I still miss her.

This DVD gave me my 15 Minutes of World Fame. It is an episode from "Planet Luxury" that features - ta-da (insert drum roll) - little old me!

It appeared on Canadian Television. Also in England and South Africa. I am flattered but since I live and work in the USA I don't know anybody who saw it. Drat.

While I work I often listen to Audio Books via my iPod. I also listen to NPR and Classical Music. I am sometimes obsessed with politics and listen to Air America on Satellite Radio. (OK, my secret is out - I'm an unabashed, unrepentant "East Coast Liberal.") 

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