Ruth Mitchell Christensen

Ruth Mitchell Christensen
20" x 24" Oil on Linen

This is my mom. I painted her for my father about a year after she died. He gave me an old sepia photograph to work with that she had given him after they first met.

Ruth was a teacher and this depicts her first year in a one-room country school in north western Pennsylvania (Spring Creek - near Corry). 

Painting this portrait was a healing for both my father and me.
Portrait Artist Karin Wells, Historical portraits

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The Space Above the Couch said...

knowing who it is, explains why it may be my favorite piece out of all your beautiful paintings. I wish I could see the work and the paint surface in person... your work is incredible. Proof that you can work from photos and not lose the quality that makes a painting a painting and very much alive. The emotional connection is very evident. She is very beautiful. I love the way you introduce text in such a way that it adds a great deal, and does not detract. sometimes I think the greatest artists have the greatest humility...

all the best, jp.