Studio Tour (2)

I have boxes of "inspiration" - pictures I have cut from magazines that I like to look at when I feel I'm in a rut and need some new ideas.

More storage. In my next life I will be a writer, take up only a neat little space and spend my life arranging and rearranging the 26 letters of the alphabet. Being a classical oil painter is to live with clutter.

Canvas does not like to be stacked horizontally. A studio like mine needs a lot of vertical storage space.

I use these color balanced lights to illuminate a painting when I photograph it for my portfolio. 

It is often hard to eliminate the glare and consequently these pictures can be fussy and time consuming to shoot. Ugh.

Here's a peek inside my tool box - everything I need to frame a painting, hang a picture and stretch a canvas.


And more frames jut waiting for pictures.

I have boxes of corner samples so I can "try on" a frame to see if I like the way it looks on a painting before I order it.

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