Using the Golden Section

To locate the center of interest with the Golden Section: Divide the height of your canvas by 2.62 and determine a horizontal line through this point.

Then divide the width of your canvas by 2.62 and draw a vertical line through this point.

The intersection of these two lines is a magical spot for your center of interest.

For example, the center of interest on an 8 1/2 x 11 inch standard sheet of typewriter paper would be determined thus:

8.5 divided by 2.62 = 3.2 inches and 11 divided by 2.62 = 4.2inches.

The intersection of the two lines described above is the exact point of the kiss in this painting above.

Of course there are many valid ways to compose a work of art but using the Golden Section is one to consider.


Brandon Moore said...

Why dont they make standard canvasses to reflect these dimensions? just wondering.

Thanks for the info. Great blog, and I love your work!

My Painting Studio said...

It's frustrating but you can stretch them yourself.