Be It Ever So Humble....

At first I thought, "Home Is Where The House Is" makes a lot of sense if you're the sort who has moved around a lot. 

However, the old antique sampler's message directly above - thanks to Photoshop - is so much more tailored to "me."

But seriously, there's more to a "home..."

“Is a home merely a roof to keep out the rain?
Four walls to keep out the wind?
Floors to keep out the cold?

A home can be so much more than that.
It can be the laugh of a baby,
the song of a mother,
the strength of a father,
the warmth of loving hearts and lights from happy eyes,
Kindness, loyalty, comradeship live here.

Home is our first school,
where we learn what is right, what is good, and what is kind.
It is where we can go for comfort
when we are hurt or frightened;
where joy is shared and sorrow eased;
where family and friends show tolerance and are loved and loving.

It is where all children are wanted;
where the simplest food is good enough for kings;
where money is not as important as love, kindness and respect for our fellow man
that even the tea kettle sings from joy!
This is the home that lives in our hearts and a place we create for ourselves. 

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