I'm Awarded the Certificate of Excellence

On April 12, 2008, The Portrait Society of America gave me the "Certificate of Excellence" in recognition for my Portrait of Gwyneth (below) at the 10th annual Art of the Portrait Conference in Philadelphia.

Among the 1300 entries, 30 were chosen to receive awards. I am honored to be one of those chosen.

"Portrait of Gwyneth"
24" x 30" Oil on Linen

My portraits always tell a story that is meaningful to the subject.

I really enjoy painting a "narrative" portrait. I see each one as a little one act theatrical production - all the drama of ideal lighting, scenery & props to tell a story without any speaking parts.

Gwyneth is a musician and poet. She spends a lot of time outdoors and loves the natural, woodsy and isolated mountaintop where she makes her home.

Some of the “props” I have included in this portrait have a very special meaning for Gwyneth. Family is very important to her - the earrings were a treasured gift from her father and the slender volume of poetry once belonged to her grandmother. The “bookmark” she used was an old yellowed ribbon rescued from her mother’'s wedding dress.

Her dedication to preserve a healthy ecology is reflected in the small subtle still life collection of leaves, bugs and raindrops I painted at the bottom of the canvas. At the top, I lettered her name.

I saw her late in the day just as the sky began to clear after a sudden and violent storm. The scene inspired me to make the background of her portrait atmospheric, moody, spontaneous and free – it perfectly mirrors her personality.

I love the dignity and grand style of classical art. I try to reflect the deep influence of the Old Masters in both method, style and use of light.

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