Hughes - My Ultimate Dream Easel

This is my easel above. It is the Hughes Model 4000. Mine is made out of dark walnut wood as I do not like light colors around me when I paint.

This easel is a simple and ingenious design. It takes a beating day after day and has always worked most reliable studio workhorse. It can accommodate a very small to a verrrry large and verrrry heavy framed canvas with ease.

Above is the same easel I use - but this picture is easier to see. The Hughes Easel comes in all sizes with a variety of functions - I have a large studio and this model is a really good fit for me.

This is a revolutionary professional studio easel that only Don Andrews produces. The Hughes Easel permits the artist to work with larger pieces of art more comfortably than with any other easel available on the market today.

No more twisting myself into a painful pretzel - with this easel I merely move the painting with my paint-stained but dainty fingertip!

And I'm not kidding here, the Hughes Easel's patented design actually does allow the canvas to be repositioned with finger tip ease at any time, both horizontally and vertically, without putting down my brushes and losing my focus and concentration. 

You can visit Don's website at:

This is my fourth and last easel. Unfortunately the other brands I used for years caused a lot of back pain. Thanks to the design of the Hughes, all that is history and I can now work long hours in comfort.

Hughes shipped my easel in two pieces - and even I found it easy to put together in a couple of minutes. 

I saw Don Andrews at the PSOA 2008 and he told me that he also does modifications and custom work and maintains a list of artists that own his easels and if you contact him he can tell you where you can go to see one. 

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