Calvin J. Goodman's Art Marketing Handbook

I had the great good fortune to meet and chat with this remarkable, unique and charming man at the 2008 PSOA Conference in Philadelphia.

Management consultant Calvin Goodman has devoted more than four decades to advising artists and their dealers, publishers, and agencies regarding art marketing options, opportunities and methods. 

A graduate of Harvard, he is a recognized expert in the fields of marketing, sales, long-range planning and business systems. Goodman has prepared studies for many art and education institutions, conducted marketing seminars across the country and has lectured and conducted classes in professional practices for artists. 

Since it's inception, he has been active on the advisory board of the Portrait Society of America.

In addition to his hardcover book,
Art Marketing Handbook (latest edition pictured above), Goodman's articles on art and the art market have appeared regularly over the years in American Artist.

I recommend this book - it is a good read for any person that seriously wants to make a living as an artist. I have never ever met any person more knowledgeable than Calvin Goodman on the subject of the business of art.

You can read more and order this book here:


jpohl said...

Do you think it's worth the 65 dollars plus shipping?

I'm tempted, but have a very long list of books to collect. That's a lot of brushes or pigment.

I read 'how to survive and prosper as an artist" years ago and found it fairly useful. All the things they didn't mention in art school.

It took having children for me to become comfortable with making a living with my work. Now it's a matter of finding time. (-:


My Painting Studio said...

Yes! I've taken Calvin's advice to the bank.

I make my living as an artist and consider this book to be invaluable.

I even had an earlier edition, but paid the full price to get the latest one.

It was worth every penny.

How to Invest in Art said...

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