A Candidate for Sensitivity Training

I love a good joke.

But laughing about losing your job and watching your health insurance go down the tubes isn't good - and it certainly isn't a joke.

Georgia's GOP Rep. Phil Gingrey is gonna block health care reform no matter how much it hurts us.

While we wait for Chuckles to complete the Sensitivity Course I've recommended to him, let's Lobby Congress ourselves:

House and Senate
(202) 224-3121

The White House
(202) 456-1111

Call today and give your congresscritters a piece of your mind - it won't cost a dime.

Tell the operator who answers what state you live in and she'll connect you to the right person.

You may not realize it, but your opinion counts more than any high-paid professional lobbyist. You have the leverage they don't - your vote.

And in a democracy, this is a big deal. Use it or lose it.


Anonymous said...

Most would agree health care reform is a great thing. Why haven't they addressed one of the biggest problems with healthcare cost...Tort Reform. Maybe because the president is also a lawyer?
Do you think taxpayers who are against abortion should be forced to pay for it as a guaranteed benefit. Do you think all 12 million illegal aliens should be granted amnesty so they can be covered? Do you believe that the government should have open access to your checkbook to autodraft payyments from it without your consent. Do you believe in rationed care? These are just a few of the provisions worth looking at if you are for this pos bill called "reform"

My Painting Studio said...

Tort reform is nothing more than a bailout for an industry already awash in money.

46 States have signed on to Tort Reform.

Now it is harder for people in those States to seek recourse for medical injury, and still American families shoulder exorbitant health care costs.

All the facts and data say Tort Reform doesn’t work. There’s still 98,000 people dead every year from medical errors.

And the insurance industry is enjoying booming profits.

As to the rest of your republican talking-points, they are hogwash.

They come from the lies on Fox News and the hate-talkers on radio like Beck and Rush.

Check your facts and don't waste our time.