And This Family Has Health Insurance

45,000,000 million of us don't have health insurance.

This family DOES have health insurance - but CIGNA denied care anyway - and her daughter died because of it.

Hilda and Krikor Sarkisyan visit CIGNA headquarters in Philadelphia to confront CIGNA CEO Edward Hanway about CIGNA's denial of coverage.

What sane person would have us trust a health insurance company with our precious lives?


innisart said...

Karin- Thank you for posting these videos and stories. They are heartbreaking and frustrating, and all too common. I am not sure I support a government-run healthcare system, but I'd much prefer it to what we have now. At the very least, universal healthcare would be a change, and as all your posts support, we are in definite need of change. I can't believe that people point to government corruption as a reason not to initiate national healthcare, when the healthcare companies are already a huge source of the corruption currently in Washington. Healthcare should have never been reduced to a capitalistic endeavor.
Best- Matt

My Painting Studio said...

The crazy thing about a "government run" public option plan (hopefully like Medicare) is that it would be just one of our many OPTIONS.

People can choose this option...or not.

Insurance would then be encouraged to clean up their act to compete for your business - or not.

Medicare and the Vetrans Administration are excellent health plans run by the government.