Portrait of Joanna

I really like Contemporary Narrative Portraiture. It is a combination of Reportage, Idealism and Theatre. 

This is a painting that tells a charming story about Joanna.

This portrait is unusual for me because it contains so many different animals, plants and objects requested by the sitter.

This details shows fall leaves, a gazelle (on the granite rock),  water drops, herbs.

This has three special blue colored river rocks, deer antlers, a trident, a wild boar, a red newt, and a blue jay.

This detail has feathers (one blue), an antique snake bracelet, a pet rat named Lola, an antique ring (on sleeve) and a circle-within-a-triangle-within-a-circle symbol.

This is the top of a special wand and in the bark of the tree is a sea turtle, a monkey, a luna moth, a snake and a lotus flower.

Painting this was complicated to paint so it didn't look like a scene from a Disney flick. It was a LOT of fun to work in (and sort of hide) these different elements.


Enzie at World Market Portraits said...

Karin, it turned out so lovely! It looks like it could belong into a lovely book illustration.

Anonymous said...

Eye of newt, toe of toad. I'ts stunningly beautiful. All your work is charming but some speaks to my heart. I love your Joanna and your Songbird among others. And I love your new humorous blogging. Charm on fair lady!