Coming at Midnight, February 17th

A (wildly funny) peek at the digital conversion headaches some may experience.


Hylla said...

That's very funny and probably realistic. Remember when we got 13 perfectly clear channels just by turning on a tv? It was free. Is this all really better? I'm planning on tossing the tv in a month.

Enzie at World Market Portraits said...

Sad thing is, we all get there one day! LOL

My Painting Studio said...

Sad? Nah, I see a little video like this as a marvelous opportunity for an older actress to get work!

As we baby boomers age I do believe that there will be many more opportunities in the arts.

You know, "age, wisdom and experience" and all that good stuff. I'll probably die of old age at my easel...happily, hopelessly, blissfully painting in that long-gone Old Master style.