One Ringy-Dingy

January 12, 2009

To our family, friends & clients...In case you tried to call…

This morning I was shocked (an understatement) to find out that at least 50 people have called me over these past few weeks/months and left messages I never got.

Remember Lilly Tomlin's gig as "Ernestine the Telephone Operator?" I think she may be back.

It seems we have "a voice mail program" somewhere in cyberspace via Fairpoint. This squirrelly feature appears to work only if and/or when it wants to.

Here's my Fairpoint Fantasy explanation for this embarrassing mess.

Other than cry a lot, here is what we have done to correct this:

We called Fairpoint Customer Service and have forever cancelled their Voice-Mail-From-Hell feature. 

We have turned our home answering machine off in case it contributed in some way to this problem.

So, if you have called me anytime prior to 1/12/09, left and message and assumed that I’m ignoring you - I assure you that I’m not.

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