We are entitled to our own opinions; we are not entitled to our own facts

I listen to c-span while I'm working in the studio. This is the kind of stuff c-span junkies live for.

I want health care for all and I'm watching this like a hawk. I do not like what is happening in this country right now.

The divide between the rich and poor is growing rapidly. People are sinking into poverty and there is a distinct lack of compassion and civil discourse. Republicans and a handful of "blue dog democrats" are fighting every kind of reform with lies and disinformation. They count on people who don't have the time or inclination to search out the truth - simply ignore it and "hate all politicians."

Wake up guys - if you continue to reelect these lying fools, it's going to get worse for all of us as the "middle class" begins that long slow sad slide into poverty.

Most artists aren't rich. We get along but its getting harder. How many paintings does it take to pay a hospital bill? How many paintings does it take to pay health insurance rates that go up each year as our painting sales decrease. Most people don't have the spare cash to buy art in these troubled times.


innisart said...

I t reminds me so much of the quote by Andrew Lang: An unsophisticated forecaster uses statistics as a drunken man uses lamp-posts- for support rather than illumination.

Everyone in politics seems to distort truths or present partial data, if they don't just lie outright.

In all of the debate over universal healthcare, my wife and I felt under-represented. I gave up an illustration career to get a J-O-B with health benefits. I guess I'm a lucky one for having coverage, but having coverage is not the same as being able to afford care. NJ, where I live, has the most expensive hospital care in the country (a recent study found NJ hospitals charge four times the actual cost). The statistics never seem to address those of us who have health insurance, but are still struggling to pay bills on (thankfully) minor procedures.

We need change!

My Painting Studio said...

I've been in your position. I just squeaked into Medicare this year.

Betw the ages of 55 to 65 my insurance costs (just for me -my husband is 10 yrs older) rose to $1400 per month for a policy with a $10,000 yearly deductible. I had it to protect the house so we wouldn't lose everything if I got sick. At that rate I couldn't afford to see a doctor or have any needed tests.

The whole thing was insane because if I did get really sick - how could I still work and cover the monthly costs of that unaffordable policy? And there was no guarantee that that policy would have paid the bills anyhow without finding an excuse to cancel.

Why does Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic rank higher in health care coverage for their citizens than the United States?

It's insanity.

And ALL of the Republicans and Blue Dog Dems; Joe Lieberman, Blanche Lincoln and Ben Nelson are at fault.

I think it takes a touch of the sociopath to ignore the need for health care for all.

Hylla said...

Brava, Karin!