Keith Olberman's Special Comment on Health Care

OK, so you're happily painting and I am glued to the television on the subject of health care. I admit that a lot of my creative energy is going into this right now. It's sort of like trying to not to see/hear a train wreck if you happen to be standing there.

So herewith, a ten-minute catch-up in case you missed it:

Part 1

Part 2

What is wrong with my fellow Americans? Are we totally brain washed into believing that the Govt's role is not to provide health, education and social security to it's people? Will it always be "every man for himself" against corporate greed run amok? Rich vs Poor?

The Republican Party of "NO" understands that obstructionist tactics work when the voting audience is ignorant, gullible, or otherwise easily misled (which sadly, is a fairly apt definition of the US voting public). They deviate from the core discussion, introducing irrelevant topics (death panels, illegal immigrants, abortion issues), and divert attention from the core of the discussion. It is also FEAR MONGERING.

The following is childish I suppose, but somehow it felt satisfying that any respect for Joe Lieberman went out the same window that he tossed the public option and the Medicare buy-in compromise that was to replace it.

If you're frustrated and want to do something, try this: Tell "Susan G. Komen for the cure" to remove Hadassah Lieberman.

Donations to find a cure for cancer should not be used to pay the salary of Hadassah Lieberman, former employee of the pharmaceutical and insurance lobbying complex and wife of Senator Joe Lieberman, who is pledging to kill health care reform while millions go untreated.

I irks the heck out of me to think that my donations to this charity have paid Hadassah to channel money to Joe....and I thought I was helping to fight breast cancer. Grrrrr.

Want to do something else? Pick up the phone and give these guys a piece of your mind:

House and Senate
(202) 224-3121

The White House
(202) 456-1111

It's not over yet.....I'm convinced that we can still make a difference. If we do lose this battle with the Insurance Companies, all of the Republicans and a couple of Blue Dog Democrats - won't you sleep better at night if you had made that call? We only lose when we stop the fight.

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