Perspective as a Tool to Fool

Street Art can a lot of fun.

This kind of art requires much skill in perspective.

I think that the human figure is especially difficult to draw in extreme perspective.

Another important part of this art is to stand in the exact right spot in order to take the picture that enhances the illusion.

Perspective must be very accurate in order to create a successful illusion.

Perspective must be learned - and unless you're a genius (I'm not) - it is tough to reinvent.

I'd suggest a good book on this subject before you tackle a grand Street Art illusion.

I am sorry that I do not have the names of the various artists who made these paintings and took these photographs.

Some Street Artists use chalk.

And others use paint.

Street Art can be used in advertising.

It can be startling...a shark attack in the middle of a city?

Or carry a clever message.

Here is a video about how this particular piece was painted:


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