Why I Went to Nikon School

The average penguin knows more about photography than I do - or did before Nikon School.

If you want to be a portrait painter, it is important to learn to take a good photograph for reference.

I used to struggle with film but I am finding digital photography so much easier...and cheaper because I take so many pictures. I now "process" them on my computer and I don't have to pay to print the bad ones.

For me, photography is so much harder than painting - so when I found their brochure in my local camera store, I signed up and went to Nikon School for a weekend. They hold classes all over the country and the schedule with all the details is on their website.

I had to travel to Boston and spend the night since it is not an easy commute from New Hampshire.

The instructors did a First Class Grade-A job and the two classroom days flew by quickly. They answered all of my questions and I really learned a lot. I have a Nikon D2X and there is so much on it that heretofore has been a great mystery to me.

And wonder of wonders - I now take better pictures! In hindsight, I should have signed up for Nikon School years ago.

These were the courses:

Saturday: Introduction to Digital SLR Photography

The ideal starting point for new digital camera owners and anyone considering digital SLR Photography will acquaint you with the basic techniques and terminology of this popular imaging format. Geared for beginners and amateurs photographers this course addresses photographic fundamentals and creative techniques that help you get great shots. It also explains basic settings on your camera, what lenses to use, how to download, edit and store all your great digital images.

Sunday: Streamlined Workflow Techniques

Learn about current industry trends, technology advances, and using various types of software to assist you in expressing your photographic creativity and help streamline the entire digital workflow process. The course includes editing, archiving, color profiling, and printing techniques.

These were my wonderful instructors - mouse over their names and check out their work:

Bill is a professional photographer primarily involved with travel and location-oriented assignments. With over 35 years experience in editorial, corporate and commercial photography, he is also a photography instructor and consultant. A former member of the Nikon Professional Services tech team, Bill taught at the Nikon School for over ten years. He is currently an associate with Blue Pixel, a major digital imaging consulting firm.

A professional photographer for over 25 years, Reed started in studios, then worked at newspapers and now freelances out of Kansas City. He has been shooting digital since 1996 and teaching digital photography since 2000. Nationally recognized as an expert on digital photography, Reed has helped over 30 U.S. and Asian news organizations ease their transition to digital. He is also a founding member of Blue Pixel, a major digital imaging consulting firm.

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