Peony Still Life - Encaustic

Peony Still Life
10" x 8" Encaustic on paper on board


Zeke said...

Hello, I was wondering if this painting was done with one color, with white lightening the highlights?

My Painting Studio said...

Hmmmmm, it's not that simple. I seldom use the color white by itself.

I like to "dirty it up" with raw umber and I tend to add yellow ochre light (Winsor Newton) to white as the "universal color of light."

This painting is encaustic - meaning pigment that has been mixed into beeswax, melted and applied to the surface while hot.

(See my post on Evans Encaustics).

I did add traditional oil paint on top of the encaustic paint.

I really like this medium - it is faster than traditional oil paints.

Encaustics are "dry" when cool and can be reheated in order to continue to paint.

Dar Presto said...

This piece is magical, so very beautiful.