Gwyneth Demo Part #3

I'm starting to paint "form" into the black vest. I usually deal with black by glazing color over the flat black acrylic paint to give it a jewel tone.

When that is dry I add a thin glaze of ivory black and use raw sienna to build light.

Inside the general light on the jacket, I begin to build more form. The narrow range of values are subtle and no dark inside the light is as dark as anyplace in the general shadow area.

Light is lighter and warmer (I add yellow ochre pale + titanium white to the red jacket color).

Adding form to the jacket's general shadow area - narrow range of values with nothing as light in value as what is found in the general light.

I'm beginning to build form in the skirt by establishing how the general light meets the general shadow. It can meet very quickly....or very slowly. The definition of this is the foundation of painting form.

I'm working the entire background as I build the form of the figure. I like to add touches of the colors from my foreground into the background.

Added details into the skirt. I'm still not adding dark into this painting - I'm just painting with light and the darks suddenly begin to appear "darker."

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