Cambric Tea - Encaustic Still Life Painting

Cambric Tea
10" x 10" Encaustic and oil paint on wood panel, framed


An American term used to describe a hot drink of milk, water, sugar and, if desired, a dash of tea. It was a favorite of children and the elderly in the late 19th and early 20th century. The name is taken from a fabric called cambric, which is white and thin . . . Just like the "tea."

This is pure nostalgia for me. I remember having a delightful cup of Cambric Tea with my Grandmother. She used the fancy china and I felt verrrrry special and grown up.

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Lisa Purcell said...

I admire anyone who can work in encaustic. I understand it is challenging. Love your work. Saw your blog link on wetcanvas and wanted to check out your work. Glad I did. It is world-class. :)