Maybe It's Time for Civil Disobedience

Hey, we voted to change those insurance company death panels that allow 120 people a day to die because they can't get the medical care they need.

It's really so simple:
Change the rules and allow anyone who wants to buy into Medicare before the age of 65.

Medicare is already in place. It is a single player plan that cuts out the profit and puts patients first.

And better still. "the real public option" i.e., "Medicare For All" is a wonderful single payer plan that works just fine . . . just ask any Senior if they like their Medicare.


JanetStorms said...

BUSTED! Government Healthcare Advocate Admits Public Option is Trojan Horse!

My Painting Studio said...

Dear JanetStorms,

It sounds like you wanna play "Gotcha Politics" but you're unclear on how to score a point.

Your little video clip is a recording of some anonymous caller who phones an anonymous healthcare advocate (cutely named health bug 1) and gets them to say that everybody ought to be covered..."

How's that again?

I sorta don't think that this silly clip makes much of a point and I doubt that it will go viral. Can't you do better than this JanetStorms?

Here are the facts:

President Obama wants all of us to have access to health care:

1. If you have Health Insurance and wish to keep it you can.

2. If you're uninsured or cannot afford an insurance policy (like 47 million of us) then you can choose a low cost public plan.

3. The new public option will keep health insurance companies honest and competitive and prevent them from taking all of your money and then refusing you care when you're sick. i.e., it will stabilize the health insurance industry so they cannot rip you off.

If you see this as leading to something else and wish to call it "scary socialism" - so what?

I'm really beginning to like socialism - it is more humaine and far superior to the (non-existent) selfish and greedy only-for-the-rich GOP and Libertarian Health Plans.