Can a Starving Artist Afford to Wait?

America has not only the worst but the dumbest health care system in the developed world.

The system doesn't work for anyone.

It cheats patients and leaves them to die.

It denies insurance to 47 million Americans and forces hospitals to spend billions haggling over claims.

And it systematically bleeds and harasses doctors with the specter of catastrophic litigation.

I put my brush down this morning, rolled up my smock sleeves and took on the deranged right-wing. I spent all of 10 minutes making phone calls to my CongressCritters.

House and Senate
(202) 224-3121

The White House
(202) 456-1111

It's a piece o' cake to make a positive investment in the future of our country.

You can tell them your story or just keep it simple and say something like:
"Please consider supporting a strong public option because I am sure you would like to please me and many of your other constituents."

If they don't give you what you want - be sure to express your displeasure with your precious vote in the next election.

After all, that's the American way.

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