Politics in Peterborough

I'm gonna file this post under "Politics & Religion" - the two topics I was told should never ever be discussed in polite company if you want to get along with folks.

Bah humbug! I trust we're all adults and I'm not going to bash anybody. I am fascinated by politics and read a lot about what is happening on a daily basis. 

I now live and work in New Hampshire - the state that has the first primary election. It is a big deal around here.

I have to giggle as I thought we had a huge number of people show up as in the photo above of our "crowded" Diner.  

Ha! Here is the same candidate in Portland Oregon yesterday speaking to a record crowd of 75,000 people. It boggles my mind.

Barack Obama in the Peterborough Diner. I had a chance to chat with him for a couple of minutes or so about healthcare after he finished his slice of  home made cherry pie. I found him to be very candid and a very good listener who asked questions - unusual for a politician...and I've certainly met a few....

Michelle Obama in the Cafe at Noone Falls in Peterborough spoke to a group of nearly 100 people. She moved us to tears and got a standing ovation at the end. She is a very compelling speaker and even the children in the audience sat still and paid attention.

Bill Clinton spoke at Town Hall in Peterborough to a crowd of about 150 people. I could hardly take my eyes off  his feet - he wore the fanciest pair of cowboy boots I'd ever seen (a rare item in this neck of the woods). He kept us spellbound for an hour and a half. Although I was only in the second row I didn't get to meet  him personally. Drat. 

And this is my husband who still likes Adlai Stevenson. When John McCain and Hillary came to town I had the flu - so you get a pix of Peter instead (above).

I also saw and have pix of Rudy, Huck, Mitt, Joe, Chris, Mike and Dennis when they came to town - but now they're history and I think Peter is cuter.  He'll get my vote - early and often.

BUT, if you care about what is happening in this country and want to see some major change for the better, I trust that you'll read-up on the issues, stick to facts, ignore the spin, and vote accordingly.

Here are THE ISSUES spelled out in detail by each candidate:

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Hylla Evans said...

Ask me about my note from Adlai Stevenson when we meet in a couple weeks. It's very sweet.