Historical Portraits

These are some examples of Historical Portraits that I am asked to paint from time to time. Before the Impressionists, most portraits were painted using a grisaille method (i.e., underpainting). Because I use the old methods, techniques and the Old Master's earth palette, it isn't hard for me to recreate these historical artworks.

I guess word is getting around because I find that I am getting more and more requests for this kind of portraiture.

The particular client whose paintings I show below, "lost" the originals to another branch of the family. So he asked me to re-create them. The research for this project was a heckuva lot of fun.

Because of the poor reference materials that are usually available for these paintings, I usually have to "make up" the colors.

I don't "fake" paintings - I sign and date them - but I do take the time and make the effort to have them appear as if they were painted by different artists - each in his own time.

Oil on Linen 16" x 20"
"Bodley" was painted from a black and white old photo of a much larger painting - artist unknown. The client wished only a head and shoulders detail and requested that the coat of arms be added.

Oil on Linen 20" x 24"
I had a "not-very-good" photo of the original "Shortridge" - but I copied it and "made the same mistake with the mouth" that the original (unknown) artist did. It was a huge effort for me to not correct it.

Oil on linen 24" x 30"
"Pennicott" is my favorite. The original artist was Sir Thomas Lawrence and I had a lot of fun re-creating this one. Originally all I had was an engraving by a not-s0-good artist who had copied the Lawrence original. Later, thank heavens, I found a copy of the original is a book and relied heavily on that image to paint this.

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