What is “BuildingWhat?”

Supposedly we artists are trained to "see" what we're looking at - HA!

On 9/11/2001 I couldn't believe what my eyes "saw' on TV - so I believed the lies that they told me instead.

I suppose it made me feel less frightened to "know"that the crime was "solved" within 24 hours and that we "knew" who did it - just like on a TV Crime Show!

If (hopefully) you search for the truth of 9/11 - you'll find it is like trying to take a sip of water from a firehose. There is plenty of evidence. But if you're going to "see" it - you have to look.

And for many years, I am embarrassed to say that looked and acted like this:

So I'll share this worldwide campaign with other artists to raise awareness of World Trade Center's Building #7 in the hope that you will be able to "see what you're looking at" too.


Seen once on mainstream media on 9/11/2001, this mysterious building #7 is never mentioned again - not even in the 9/11 Commission Report!

More than eight years after the tragedy of September 11, 2001, New York Supreme Court Justice Edward H. Lehner was hearing arguments in a courtroom less than a mile from Ground Zero about a ballot initiative to launch a new investigation of the 9/11 attacks.

When the lawyer for the plaintiffs sponsoring the initiative explained that the 9/11 Commission report left many unanswered questions, including “Why did Building 7 come down,” the Judge replied quizzically, “Building what?”

Like Judge Lehner, millions of people do not know or remember only vaguely that a third tower called World Trade Center Building 7 also collapsed on September 11, 2001.

In any other situation, the complete, free fall collapse of a 47-story skyscraper would be played over and over on the news. It would be discussed for years to come and building design codes would be completely rewritten. So, why does no one know about Building 7? And why did Building 7 come down?

The answers to these questions have far-reaching implications for our society. The goal of the “BuildingWhat?” campaign is to raise awareness of Building 7 so that together we can begin to address these questions.

What is Building 7?

Building 7 was a 47-story skyscraper and was part of the World Trade Center complex. Built in 1984, it would have been the tallest high-rise in 33 states in the United States. It collapsed at 5:20 pm on September 11, 2001. It was not hit by an airplane and suffered minimal damage compared to other buildings much closer to the Twin Towers.

Watch footage of the "collapse" of of Building 7:

This is the location of Building 7 in relation to the rest of the World Trade Center complex. It wasn't hit by an airplane - but it "fell down" anyway...it is America's biggest "secret" hiding in plain sight.

To learn more about World Trade Center Building 7, see: 7 Facts about Building 7.

Artists, believe your eyes:
If it looks like a controlled demolition, acts like a controlled demolition - it probably is IS a controlled demolition.

Here is the evidence (with links):

And So,
Dear Readers,

My Father, Carl W. Christensen
20" x 24" Oil on linen

I'll leave you on the 9th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks with the words of my father (Chemical Engineer and Inventor) who said:

"Most people see - but they don't observe."

And he sure was right about that...dang.

With Love,
Karin Wells

Observe the Slideshow above and note that you're looking at Controlled Demolition.

Please join me in the growing 9/11 Truth Movement - there will be one near you wherever you are in the world. We're spreading the word however we can....we have no choice as the media refuses to do its job.

I am now a proud signator on:

Please look at the evidence and join me.


Administrators said...

I can't express how much I enjoy your blog. Thanks Much!

My Painting Studio said...

Thanks whoever-you-are. :o)

I am a proud signator on:

We went public on September 9, 2010 along with:
http://www.scientistsfor911truth.org/ and

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your wonderful site which I have just had the good fortune of discovering today. Your art is an inspiration to me. Thank you for bravely standing up and exposing the truth about 9/11. I have always believed that the twin tower disaster was a controlled demolition, used to engineer war(s). We get fed many lies by the media. We threw out the Box when our children were still little and have never missed it. You will also not hear in the mainstream media about the cruel ethnic cleansing that is taking place here in South Africa. We surely are living in a world controlled by evil people.

My Painting Studio said...

Once you can really see the controlled demolition (examining the facts and the science helps) - you will never believe the "Official Story" again.

And yes, it feels likes a handful of evil people are really in charge of our country now.

When America can get over it's collective cognitive dissonance, it will be obvious that 9/11 was not what they told us, the Muslims didn't "do it" - and that you cannot break the rules of physics.

Only then we can begin to become a healthy country again.