Fine Art Auction - In Peterborough, NH

A Fayum Portrait to be sold at auction. Until now, I've only seen this at the Met. Wow!

This auction is soooo close to home for me...I can't wait to see it (and see who buys it).

Item # 94A
Sarcophagus Encaustic Painting of Fayum, painting on gesso on wood panel. Appears to be from the Roman 1st century A.D., period from Egypt . These are known as "Fayum," portraits of a deceased upper class person. Estimate $30,000-50,000

And there's lots more...Franz Klein, Alexander Calder, Joshua Reynolds....check 'em out:

Item #211
Early 19th Century, Primitive Painting of A Young Boy. Estimate $4,500-,6,500

Item #110
Philip Russell Goodwin, 1882-1935. A previously unknown painting. Estimate $80,000-$120,000

Item #59
Rufus Porter, 1792-1884, Unknown husband and wife. Estimate $4,000-7,000

Item #50
Joshua Reynolds, 1723-1792. Unknown sitter. Estimate $4,000-7,000


Anonymous said...

Hi Karin! The Fayum had a hammer price of $125,000 with a 15% buyers premium. Sold to a phone bidder in the UK. We LOVED this piece as well!!
Francesca Cobb

My Painting Studio said...

Thanks! Any info on the other pieces?

jodi french said...

WOW, I am in Dublin and had no idea! That little unassuming mill building? How wonderful!

My Painting Studio said...

Howdy neighbor.

The Cobbs have some amazing auctions. I've gotten props for paintings there.

And sometimes the art will take your breath away.

Contact them and get on their mailing list and keep tabs on what's coming.

Jessica said...

It’s wise to choose a reputable company to organize your estate auction. If you have more valuable assets that need to be sold, a well-organized auction is the way to go.

My Painting Studio said...

I recommend The Cobbs. They are local and enjoy an excellent reputation.