"About Eastertime"

"About Eastertime" is a beautiful nonsectarian* handmade book by Allison Randall. It is a powerful message of hope for anybody, any time.

I cried the first time I read it.

This is my friend Allison. Or at least these are her hands. 

A Quaker, she makes "Friendly Goods" - soft lovable quiet toys for children (and adults).

Long before I met Allison, I bought one of her velvet "Hands to Hold" and sent it to a friend who needed some comfort while undergoing cancer treatment.

It was an instant hit and I was delighted to eventually become friends with the woman who would think to make such a wonderful thing!

Allison is a very wise and talented woman who wrote and illustrated my most favorite Easter Story.

With her kind permission, I have reprinted her elegant story below for all to enjoy: 

The cover (above).

Below are some little pictures of the other items Allison makes. You can see and purchase her toys at her blog.


Allison has written another book, "I Love You Very Much" that is just as wonderful as this one.

* Footnote:

* And now to be completely sectarian; I'm wishing "a Happy Easter" and "a Joyful Passover" to all of you who celebrate at this time.

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