Studio Tour, Part #10

For those of you who missed my Open Studio Tour this past weekend...

As you can see, my book cases are stuffed with art books. In the back left of this picture you can see my favorite "corner posing chair." It was a cheapie used furniture find and resembles a chair in a John Singleton Copley painting.

On any given trip through my studio you are apt to find assorted drapery hanging around.

This is my model stand and a good place to spread out and sort through reference materials. The "stand" is made up of wooden cubes that I can arrange or stack however I wish. I like to photograph the subjects here (at eye level) so I don't have to bend way over for hours during a photo shoot. Ouch.

This is storage space over a staircase. It holds rugs, drapery and other props. 

That long silver pole thingy cranks open an upper window that I couldn't reach any other way.

This is what is on my easel right now. At the end, I finish painting the picture in its frame.

That's a portrait of Ruth Christensen (my mother) in the red dress on the far left - watching that I do my best & keep my studio reasonably neat.

She was a teacher and felt that to teach was the noblest profession. I tend to agree with her - hence this blog. Thanks mom.

The fall foliage is spectacular this year. Here's a little peep at the leaves outside my studio window today.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful studio and view! and I'm so glad to see you kept that painting of your mother although i'm sure many would love to buy it. I traded a painting of mother with a piece withanother another artist because it didn't seem right to sell it... now i think it would be lovely to keep one of my own paintings of someone I love for a change. Inspired by your example and earth palette I also put together a collection of beautiful coloured rocks in a dish.


Susan said...

I am thoroughly enjoying reading your blog, Karin. Thank you for this glimpse into your life as an artist, into your studio, and giving us all a glimpse into how you paint and teaching us all a little something so that we, too, can be better artists. I will definitely be reading your blog regularly now. I'm lovin' it.

Over at "RaisinToast"