Listening to a National Train Wreck

...and strangely, it helps me to find the inspiration I need to paint.

 Here's a little background to help explain this:

I've never paid much attention to "politics" - until the horrific events of 9/11. I always enjoyed classical music in the studio - then after 9/11 I switched to National Public Radio to keep informed. 

This was great until the FCC appointed Tomlinson to head NPR. A Bush appointee, he began to tinker with programming and NPR began to lean toward right-wing propaganda and spin. 

Although Tomlinson is long gone, I went out and bought a satellite radio (Sirius) and shifted my focus to c-span and Air America Radio.

Unfortunately, Sirius dropped Air America Radio and replaced it with something called "Talk Left" which is mostly as mindless, senseless and often as nasty as their right-wing shock jock counterparts like Limbaugh, Savage, ad nauseum.

Shortly after the '04 election, Sirius Satellite Radio dropped its broadcasting of  c-span without warning  just as the Democratic Majority began to hold investigative hearings on the abuses of power and corruption in this administration. Currently Sirius Satellite Radio was "granted" permission to buy XM Satellite Radio and now owns ALL of the satellite radio airwaves.

In desperation, my next step was to I buy a small cable TV, stick it in a corner of the studio behind my easel, and listen to c-span 1 & 2. These two channels cover Congress when it is in session - but the cameras simply roll, record and there is no spin.

I prefer my "news" straight up - i.e., relentlessly factual and not trying to entertain, pander to or fool me.

Sometimes c-span is as interesting as watching paint dry. However, when they are voting, the classical music they play is gorgeous - the best of both worlds for me.

Since I start painting early, I look forward to hearing Washington Journal each morning from 7am to 10am each morning on c-span 1.

It is with great sadness that I have followed the events of our current administration as they have torn our country apart. They have wrecked havoc and destruction on the world in so many countless ways.

Today on c-span 2's Book TV, I heard Vincent Bugliosi present his case for "The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder."

Wow! It is nearly two hours and I highly recommend it. I plan to buy the video.

This is the book - and getting THIS published was quite a story. Despite Bugliosi's other successful books and despite his fame, there has been a virtual media blackout. Despite the roadblocks, this book is on the NYT best seller list.

This is Atty Vincent Bugliosi testifying before the Congressional Hearing on the Limits of Executive Power. It is relatively short.

It was stunning - and for the first time in a long time, I have hope.

I would like to think that when we get rid of the thugs in our government at all levels I can go back to listening to soothing and inspirational classical music.

Meanwhile, I just cannot seem to take my attention away from this train wreck.

In some wacky way I am inspired by all of this negativity to paint as beautifully as I can. I wish to add to the concept of an ideal world - where the dignity, worth and beauty of every human being will become apparent to all.

If people could only catch a glimpse of this world, imposing suffering on our fellow man would end. Poverty and war would end.

I endeavor to do my part. I am confused by those who choose to not pay attention to what is happening around us. If we continue to ignore and deny, how in the heck will be ever be able to change anything for the better?

"For evil to triumph it is enough only that good men do nothing"
Edmund Burke

Who'd have ever thought that I'd ever miss Richard Nixon?


Anonymous said...

it was really strange watching amercian news from canada a few years ago.. an almost surreal experience. almost like watching things from outside a bubble while the rest of the world heard another story. I had to give up watching cnn after the last election... even there the propaganda was too much to bear and I didn't appreciate the spin put on things. I did my little best to lobby that americans vote for the "better candidate" with post on a well read website... and with links to the real news and important documentaries (that were freely shown elsewhere)but to no avail. I hope things will turn around... and truth will prevail.
It was hard for so many of us to understand that people could fall for the spin and deception. At a certain point I had to stop paying attention to the news at all. It was was hard to distance myself from the pain... and that makes it hard to paint.


My Painting Studio said...

it is really strange watching American news and I live here.

While supporting torture, spying on Americans and eliminating legal challenges to these shameful practices, Bush wasted time on the non-issue of flag-burning while trashing our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The White House has damaged the environment, hurt public education, and encouraged corporations to run amok over workers. Our jobs have evaporated and Bush has allowed skyrocketing healthcare costs to become the number one cause of personal bankruptcy.

He has tried to privatize everything he could and has gone crazy with America's credit card.

He ignores corruption but imposes religious dogma by targeting gay people from enjoying their civil rights and threaten a women’s most personal choice.

This is tough to ignore and it never ceases to amaze me how many Americans can pretend it isn't happening.

Hang in there Canada, I'm coming for a long visit if the next election doesn't shift our Nation's direction.