The Czar and I

Peterhof is a series of palaces and gardens, laid out on the orders of Peter the Great, and is sometimes called the "Russian Versailles". 

It overlooks the Gulf of Finland, an arm of the Baltic Sea.

Peterhof, which became the most lavish of the Czar's summer residences now hangs some of my work - thanks to miracle of Photoshop.

I've always wondered how my paintings would look in an opulent, lavish, over-the-top setting.

Those Russian Czars had a seriously fussy flair for decorating.

Seriously, Photoshop is an invaluable tool in my studio. 

The manipulation of photo reference can save me a lot of easel time.


Susan Carlin said...

SO much fun to see your work on the palace walls!

Hylla said...

Two beautiful blog posts in so short a time. THANK YOU! Breath of fresh air.

Enzie at World Market Portraits said...

I think your paintings would look lovely there. Karin it is funny that you did this post, I have been thinking about the same thing for a while now, just never had the guts to do it! Now I see it's well worth the effort and looks great!