Relentless Heat Wave

Dang it's unusually hot up here in New Hampshire. There is no air conditioning in my home or  studio. Not too many years ago we couldn't imagine ever having a need for it.

Four Days of record heat and it's only mid-June!

Our Winter sports are in big trouble too.

Even the people here who like this sort of weather, hate this sort of weather.

The plain fact is that global warming doesn't only cause this nasty blast furnace experience I'm carping about right now - it is so much bigger than that.

The bad news is that our global warming is causing increasingly frequent and increasingly severe extreme weather events all over the earth. 

Sometimes it really gets scary.

But the good news is that together we can do something about this!

Quote: "All Americans can be grateful" that the global warming debate was derailed in the Senate. *
-Dick Cheney

So, are you Registered to Vote? No? Then make my day - do it now. It is very important.

We gotta stop cooking of our precious earth. And how-in-the-heck does one person accomplish all this?

Easy. We join together to go to the polls and cast our votes in this upcoming presidential election in November.

We have got to stop Global Warming - and yes, we can accomplish this if enough of us are willing to stand up and be counted for something that really counts.


Talya said...

I'm not sure how the global warming missed us. We're having the coldest spring and winter I can every remember! Record LOWs!!! My igloo is still nice and frozen, lol!

My Painting Studio said...

In the middle of a heat wave I tend to be thinking heat. However the world's weather has been growing increasingly "extreme" pretty much all over.

A lot of lakes in Georgia are drying up. Too much rain is wrecking houses in parts of the Midwest.

Breezes are turning into gale force winds, rough seas become tsunamis. The polar ice caps are melting.

Summers & winters are too hot or too cold. They used to seem "more predictable" by region (with minor variations and exceptions of course).

Global Warming doesn't mean everybody gets hot. Here are some websites that you may find useful:

Here's more into too:
The movie, "An Inconvenient Truth" has a lot of info as does Al Bore's book, "The Assault on Reason."

I recommend them both.