PSA Spoof: "Talk to your Kids about Art School"

There is always a bit of truth in humor - which is why these spoof ads are so darn funny. 

Young artists are addicted, they spend hours and hours perfecting their craft. They can’t help 

Their parents are generally less enthused with their child’s artistic aspirations, wishing they’d go to school to become a doctor or a lawyer instead.

The College for Creative Studies “Talk to your kids about art school” campaign plays up the duality of this relationship by mimicking anti-drug PSA’s.

"Ads for College Creative Studies" - found online here.


Troy Roberts said...

Your work is very beautiful!
Is your underpainting done in black and white or is it brown?

My Painting Studio said...

I use raw umber + titanium white for my grisaille (underpainting).

In general, a grisaille established a halftone. And halftones are always cool - relative to the color that surrounds it.

The raw umber/titanium white mixture gives a nice cool undertone that forces me to maintain a cooler halftone.

I've found that most of my paintings get too warm in color if I don't use this mixture.