I'm still here.

I've become increasingly frustrated with the limitations of this blog format.

Long ago, I explored and rejected the idea of a video. The limitations of a paperback book and the high cost of the final product didn't appeal to me as a good way to teach and so I began this blog.

But then the technology changed (think iPad) so I am working on an eBook with step-by-step detailed photos and text. I can teach and illustrate the basic principles of painting Classical Realism in a very simple, clear and basic way. You don't even need an iPad as you can download the free Kindle app on your computer to read an eBook.

I have kept Einstein's quote near my easel since I began this blog.

It took a long time to devise one single lesson that contains every basic principle you need to know plus all the tips, tricks, techniques and methods I have learned over the years.

Painting is more simple than most people think. But it is currently "hard" for most people because hardly anyone knows - or teaches - the fundamental rules of how to paint classical realism so everyone from a beginner to advanced can "get it." 

The book I am working on will teach Classical Realism as a "craft to be mastered." I try to spell it all out and it doesn't require a huge talent or drawing skills - just some patience and hard work. 

But once you master the fundamentals of classical painting - then the art really begins.

So, nearly all of the actual step-by-step photos are done. About 65% of the text is written. And 80% of the specific detailed illustrations are finished.

When that is finished, I will have to edit the manuscript, make corrections, paginate and index this eBook. The cover ought to be a piece of cake.

Then I need to figure out how to upload the entire eBook to Amazon so it can be downloaded via their Kindle section.

It's a big job. I'm glad that I didn't know how big and complicated it would be before I began or I would have had second thoughts. My goal was to finish this fall....but that won't happen. So I just keep plodding along and will let you know when it is done.

Thanks for your patience.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait. I'm a longtime follower of you blog and your book seems like it will hit (my) spot

Anonymous said...

I too am waiting patiently. I am technology challenged. This will force me to indulge a little more into the new world of communication.
Thank you for your persistence and hard work. Susan

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for your book either. Hope it is finished soon!!

thanks for everything

John said...

Very much looking forward to your book!