FRAUD ALERT: Djordje Prudnikoff

I am not pleased.

Not one bit.

I just got an email from (con)artist and world-class braggart Djordje Prudnikoff who sent an email to his "group" shamelessly complementing his own work ~

- and then he signed my name!

I did not send anybody this email.

I do not support this good-for-nothing shyster who used my name without my knowledge or my permission.

I am stunned that any artist would do such a moronic thing.

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R said...

Karin it doesn't surprise me at all that someone would do such a thing. Years ago I had a "friend", a so called best friend, who built a website for me. Not long after it was up I did a search on google and discovered he had redirected the link from my site to his. When confronted with this finding he claimed to have no knowledge of how it occurred. Needless to say he is no longer in my company.
People like this are lacking in character, integrity and moral fiber.I understand your frustration completely but don't let it get under your skin.

Maybe a few years after that incident with "my friend", I saw that an artist took the link to his website and redirected it to their own. LOL,karma perhaps?