Happy 2011

It's cold in my studio this morning. I'm wearing two sweaters, my painting smock and double wool socks.

Here are my (less chilly) predictions for this coming year:

The economy will be going gangbusters.

The people of our nation will wake up and stop listening to FOX News and Hate Radio, begin to check and discuss facts and vote accordingly.

Your boss will give you a raise.

Your family situation will be stable.

You will feel the best you've ever felt.

And the demand for art will be so great that all artists will be employed for years to come.

I could be wrong about something here - but I hope not.

"The three grand essentials of happiness are; something to do, someone to love, and something to hope for"
- Alexander Chalmers

Happy New Year!

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Mary Bullock said...

Karin, That is one of my all time favorite songs - thanks for posting it!

I agree with and appreciate most of you predictions for the new year. And I wish you well - with lots of family, friends and fun.