What The Heck Has Obama Done Co Far?

Three very clever, computer savvy and progressive young people have managed to do what the entire Democratic party could not do for the entire two years of its majority in Congress.

They have done, in one fell swoop, what President Obama himself could not managed to do despite having the bully pulpit from which to send any message he wanted to the American people.

Shavanna Miller, Will Carlough, and Richard Boenigk have put up a very simple, yet all-encompassing web site, aptly named, What the heck has Obama done so far.?

The site leads to a single major accomplishment of the Obama administration, with a link to an authentic source that explains the legislation in detail. One example reads: Tax cuts for up to 3.5 million small businesses to help pay for employee health care coverage.

The simplicity is what makes this site so effective. One accomplishment to a page, with its source link.

The reader then can click a button with a snarky remark, such as: "I'm Unimpressed, Big Deal, or What Else?" - and move to the next stated accomplishment and its source link.

Clearly expressed and well written, each accomplishment leads to another, and together they result in the most impressive array of legislation ever passed by a single president in his first two years in office in history.

You'll be amazed at how much has been done, despite more filibusters by the GOP than ever recorded in the US Senate by an opposition determined to block any progress by the new President from the day he took office.

Take a guess at how much Obama has done. You'll be wrong. He did far more than you can imagine.


jetsonjoe said...

Boy you got that right...this man...only a man...has done more for the American public can ever appreciate. The bigotry and hatred of all things non white and secular....is the beginning of the end for the U.S. as we know it...morally on a pompous high ground...they fail to see the mire that they are in.
If Canada is seen as a version of Socialism Democracy...well Thank God ...or Bob...that i live in Canada...with medical coverage, safe streets (for the most part) a strong dollar, and food and water that is relatively safe to eat...But rest assured there are just as many fools and idiots and bigots up here as down there...spin it around and there are many frightening similarities...but for now when i retire I will not have to live in a cardboard box.
Maybe it is time for Michael Moore and a new documentary..."Your punishment is your fixed rate Mortage!"...

Lynne said...

Thanks for posting this. Amazing what he has accomplished so far. I listen almost nightly to "this American Life" - a radio show out of Chicago. Has an app on IPhone and is run by NPR. I think you would like it a lot. Cheers!

My Painting Studio said...

jetsonjoe: It's getting crazy here and Canada sounds like a nice place to live (and I don't mind cold weather). Is there room for one more socialist portrait painter up there?

Lynne: Thanks, I'll have to check out that app.