The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us!

The surprising truth about what motivates us and it's not just Money. But most artists have already figured this one out.

Here's the explanation - a fascinating myth buster that everyone can understand!


innisart said...

It's interesting, but doesn't he say "when money is taken off the table," meaning when money isn't an issue or that when employees are not worried about income, and they are self-directed in their work, that all these great things are created? So money is still a factor, just not used as an incentive. If companies paid their employees better, then in return the companies would receive innovation in return (provided the employees have a work ethic and are self-motivated). Yeah, I don't see that happening widespread in the US. That requires a measure of foresight that is in direct conflict with the system of immediate gratification under which our companies tend to operate. Fun drawings, though!

My Painting Studio said...

I think what he meant by "when money is taken off the table" is that the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter are not an issue. i.e., when one has enough basic $, the best motivation is not for more $.

Mary Bullock said...