"The Health Care Horror Show" is now playing in Congress

I have noticed that virtually all of our Republican Congresscritters are exhibiting symptoms of zombie-like behavior, with rapid deterioration of the brain functions that control honesty, empathy and common sense.

(Can you tell that I'm exasperated?)

The caption for the cartoon below is: "Sweetheart, the Republicans say it is better to be sick than to be a Socialist."

How dumb is this?

Irrational fears of the imaginary horrors of a single payer health care plan appear to be leading our Nation into intellectual paralysis.

Thanks heavens I just qualified for Medicare (a socialist plan if ever there was one).

As a self-employed artist I had to purchase health insurance for myself. The best policy I could get cost a whopping $800.00 + per month (with a $10,000.00 deductible).

That rip-off policy was an attempt to protect my family in case of a catastrophic illness.

Spreading disinformation about a single payer health appears to be a product of insufficient moral education and/or corruption and greed.

Any plan that leaves health care in the hands of the private for-profit insurance industry really frightens me.

Ever seen Michael Moore's film "Sicko?" It's a chilling account of Private Health Insurance companies run amok. I think it's nonsense that private insurance companies need to be protected...they don't do a good job.

I think that a good health reform would be "Medicare for all," a single-payer system where the government would cover everyone and pay for it by cutting out waste in the system.

I've heard that Canada provides healthcare for all of its citizens for $49 per month per person - or - $80 per month per family. That's affordable - and their healthcare is excellent!


Susan said...

You got that right! Thank you for this post. It is so true!

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My Painting Studio said...

Thanks for your comment. Sometimes I get hate mail when I get political - but I cannot seem to help myself. It is too darn important and I waste so much time worrying about it.

If this bill doesn't pass it won't be for my lack of trying.

I'm calling both of my Senators and Reps each week and telling them I want single payer health care.

I just place a polite call, say I'm checking in again...and (again) urging them to support single payer....yada yada.

My Painting Studio said...

Mary Bullock asked the following question in the post above but I thought I'd answer it here...

Mary: "Just read your post about the health care - I will soon be in the boat you just got out of - having to buy personal inusrance.

What insurance company did you find that was $800 a month for family coverage? We are going to have to go to COBRA very soon (my husband's store is closing)"

So here's my answer to Mary:

"Alas, that bloated insane insurance policy was $800 per month and it did not cover my family it was just for me alone! I got the insurance thru an ins. agency and will look up the name if you really want it.

It also carried a $10,000.00 yearly deductible - that means that I never collected a nickel. No co-pay toward any Dr's visits, tests or drugs in the 15+ years I had to carry it.

That's a LOT of money to pay for virtually nothing and no real confidence that they would pay a big medical bill if something really bad happened to me.

Not only that but I had no pre-existing conditions. Can you imagine the cost of that insurance if I had any?

Because I am stuck in NH, I could not shop for insurance in another state.

Seriously, if you want reasonable health care - start calling your Senators and Reps and tell everybody.

Congress will try to get this thing passed at the end of this summer and then you won't have to worry...but we have to work for it and make some noise about it.

But know that the Insurance and Medical Lobbys are the biggest in the country....the only thing your congresscritters will respect more than cash donations from insurance is the threat of losing YOUR vote.

My Painting Studio said...


The name of my super-expensive unaffordable awful insurance company was "Americare."

They had the "best" deal for me that I could find.

$800 + per month with a $10,000.00 deductible on each illness within a year's time.

It never paid diddly and there was no guarantee that they wouldn't cancel me if I got really sick or approve any medical procedures required to save my life.

I paid this awful bill each month in order to protect my house in case of a catastrophic illness. If I lost my house, I'd lose my studio and then couldn't make a living....

Our current system even hurts business. Their costs for older employees are much greater so of course they hire younger folks and end up shipping jobs overseas to avoid these over-the-top health costs.

Bah humbug.

Please join me in supporting a SINGLE PAYER HEALTH CARE.

I will gladly pay my share of higher taxes so that every man, woman and child in this country has adequate healthcare.

And let's give businesses a break so they can bring our jobs back.

My Painting Studio said...

Last week, three insurance executives made it starkly clear why President Obama is right to insist on a public-plan option in any health reform package.

The three stood before Congress and refused to stop the practice of canceling coverage of sick policyholders for unrelated medical reasons.

The should be relieved that all Obama is threatening it with is a rival public plan and not a SWAT team!

Sometimes I like to have c-span on while I paint. I learn a lot this way....

Mary Bullock said...

Thanks for all the info Karin. I'll check out the company you mentioned.